Tips for Moving Furniture

Getting ready to move home using a hired trailer? Read our latest blog for a few tips that might just come in handy.

DIY moving is something a lot more people will be considering, as finances become tighter and people start looking for ways to minimise costs. Hiring a trailer is a great place to start and at Newlands Trailers, we have a wide selection of easy to use trailers that you can hire to move your home or office furniture from one place to another.

While taking on the move by yourself is a worthwhile undertaking when you are looking to save money, actually doing it without damaging your belongings or pulling yourself out of shape is a completely different thing all together.

In our latest blog, we’re diving into some of the best tips that you can use when you decide to move furniture on your own.

  1. High to low when carrying taller furniture

Things like cupboards and filing cabinets are rather awkward items to carry. When loading them onto your trailer or when taking them off and into your new space, whatever it is that you are carrying should be carried at an angle. One person should take the top of the item while the other person should carry from the bottom. This way the load is evened out and won’t swing when being moved around.

  1. Wrap items with blankets

To avoid bumps and scratches that could cause damage to your furniture, either while in transit or when moved into the home or office space, you should wrap your furniture up in a blanket. It can be any type of blanket, but a thicker one is always best as it will provide more protection. Once the blanket has been placed around the furniture, it should be secured with tape to keep it in place.

  1. Secure the furniture in place

Don’t ever load a trailer without securing it with a tough piece of rope that won’t snap when under pressure. Rope will not only prevent the furniture from moving around when in transit, but it is also a great tool to have if you have to move your furniture up a flight of stairs. The rope could be used as a pulley of sorts.

Having rope to secure your items is important regardless of the type of trailer you are hiring, but is naturally more of a necessity when you are moving furniture on an open trailer.

  1. Invest in or hire a ramp

Instead of putting your back out of shape when trying to move a heavier piece of furniture from the trailer, hire a ramp and create your own makeshift one. Ramps are great because they are really useful and are often just the right height to make moving the furniture from the trailer to the ramp quite easy.

  1. Don’t lift, slide

One of the biggest furniture moving mistakes that people make is trying to lift heavy things instead of sliding them. Lifting furniture is not only incredibly tiring but it can also end up doing you quite a lot of harm as you can easily strain your back or otherwise hurt yourself. So once you get your furniture off of the trailer, try to slide it as much as you can.

Trailer Sway: How to Prevent Disaster

The excitement of getting your trailer hooked up and ready to go will quickly wear off when you experience trailer sway for the first time. This common but rather terrifying event is something that is almost certainly going to happen, and once it does, it is important to keep a cool head and be confident enough to take full charge of the situation so that nothing bad happens.

At Newlands Trailers, we are specialists in all things trailer hire. We have a wide range of trailers available for hire in the Pretoria area and we are more than capable of not only providing you with a superb piece of equipment but we can also help you out with great advice. Our team is constantly looking for new ways to improve the service that we offer, and we always go above and beyond to make sure that our clients have the information they need in order to stay safe while towing.

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Why does a trailer sway?

It doesn’t matter if you are towing a small or a large trailer, the moment it starts to sway, your trailer can become an incredibly dangerous hazard. If you don’t know how to deal with it, a swaying trailer can cause your car to veer dangerously, becoming a danger to both you and whoever else is on the road, and it can even end up causing your car to flip.

There are many reasons why a trailer will sway. The most common reasons are strong gusts of wind, which can happen on a windy day or even if a large vehicle passes you can creates this wind. Aside from winds, other reasons why a trailer could end up swaying includes uneven roads (think potholes) and even small speed bumps can cause swaying.

Another place where you might begin to feel the unsettling sway of your trailer includes steep down hills. When travelling down hill with a trailer, your trailer will give your car extra weight, which can create an unpleasant unsteadiness that results in a sway.

Driving too fast with your trailer will also lead to swaying. The most important piece of advice that we can give you in this regard is to never, ever speed. Whatever the speed limit is, make sure that you stick to it and in some cases, if you are unexperienced or unsure of what you are doing, just go slower anyway.

Finally, a badly loaded trailer, one that is uneven, can result in swaying. Make sure that you follow precise packing advice and make sure that you do it right the first time.

Swaying is more than likely going to happen and when it does, the best thing is to slow down and take it easy. This will steady your nerves and help you maintain full control over your vehicle.

The Pros and Cons of Different Trailers

Renting a trailer is a wonderful way to save money, especially since you are not likely to need a trailer on an everyday basis. When you hire a trailer, you will enjoy all of the benefits and none of the worries. Hiring means you can have a trailer whenever you need it and never have to think about doing the maintenance or putting down the money for the pricey investment that buying a trailer can entail.

At Newlands Trailer Hire in Pretoria, we have a selection of trailers available for our clients to hire and with our affordable trailer hire prices, you can afford to move things from A to B without having to hire the full services of an expensive moving company. Along with providing our trailers for hire, we can also give you loads of advice so that you make the most out of your hire.

Moving city to city, or going on a long distance holiday, can raise a lot of concerns as well as questions. There are pros and cons to each kind of trailer and these relate not so much to the actual towing, but rather to the trailer itself vs. what you are hiring the trailer for.

Luggage Trailers

Designed to be small and compact, the luggage trailer is one of the most common types of trailer hire.


  • They are closed trailers which makes them ideal for moving valuables as well as items that can be easily damaged.
  • They come in different sizes.


  • Not all sizes are appropriate for all kinds of vehicles.

Furniture Removal Trailers

These trailers are made for moving heavy loads of furniture. They are available in ½ ton, ¾ ton, 1 ton, and 2 ton sizes.


  • Using a larger trailer means you don’t need to do many trips.
  • Trailers can be easily hitched and towed comfortably over long distances.


  • To safely use the larger trailers, you might need a little experience.

Refuse Trailers

The refuse trailer is made to easily remove refuse of all kinds without damaging your vehicle or making a mess, and they are ideal for garden refuse in particular.


  • Easy to hitch and easy to use.
  • The bigger trailers can hold lots of refuse meaning fewer return trips.

Car and Bike Hire

Should you need to move a car or a bike, these trailers are designed to do just that. Car and bike trailers are made to safely transport these larger, heavier items that can be fragile when transported in any other way.


  • Safety is a guarantee if you have hitched the trailer correctly.
  • Considering what it is you are transporting, your trailer hire will most definitely be an affordable way to move your car or bike.


  • Having some experience might be necessary to ensure that what it is you are towing remains intact.

How to Safely Reverse your Trailer

Trailer hire is easy, but using a trailer efficiently, when you don’t have the skills or the experience to safely tow a trailer, can be a little daunting. But from getting things hitched up and learning the basics, to getting on the road, all you really need is some time and a few tips.

Reversing your vehicle with your trailer attached is without a doubt one of the more complicated aspects of using a trailer. Reversing is not exactly straight forward, no pun intended, and while you think you might be steering in the right direction, you could be horrified to learn that you have gone completely the opposite way.

It is important to know that when reversing it is not a quick action. Instead you should take your time and go really slowly. It also helps to have a spotter, someone who can help guide your vehicle and your trailer from the outside.

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Our trailer reversing tips

Once you get the hang of reversing, you will wonder why you were ever worried about it. These are our two very simple tips to help you out.

Reversing to the right

Your left hand is going to be pulling the wheel down and to the left while the right hand is pushing the wheel up and anti-clockwise. This movement is going to move the vehicle to the left and in doing so, will move the trailer to the right.

Reversing to the left

Should you need to move you trailer to the left, you are going to place your left hand at the bottom of the wheel and push it up to the left while your right hand will be pulling the wheel down and in a clockwise direction.

Don’t be alarmed when your vehicle moves to the right because this motion will ensure that the trailer ends up moving to the left.

In a nutshell, to avoid confusion, you will be moving your vehicle in the direction opposite of where you actually want to put your trailer.

Practice makes perfect

As with anything, it is important that if you have not yet tried towing or reversing a trailer, that you get some practice in. Before you take it out on the road for the real thing, you need to make sure that this theoretical advice is actually used. Find an open space, or an empty parking lot, and just take your time getting it right. Remember that if this is your first time, you are going to be making a few mistakes, so be patient, take a deep breath and keep trying until you get it right.

If you don’t get things right the first time, you can just drive forward again and start over.

Should you still be looking to hire a trailer, Newlands Trailers can assist you. We stock some of the best quality trailers, made by reputable brands, and we hire them out at really affordable prices. Contact us today to book your trailer, or to get more information.

Towing a trailer in the rain

If you are new to trailer hire or if you have done it a few times before, towing a trailer in the rain is a little different than towing a trailer in clearer conditions.  The basics are the same, but you need to know that while towing a trailer under normal conditions can be a little difficult if you are not used to doing it, towing in the rain is a completely different experience.

Before you fill your mind with all of the worst case scenarios, know that there are many ways that you can stay safe while towing in the rain.

  1. Check your lights

When connecting your trailer to your vehicle, one of the steps to ensuring safety is to make sure that the lights work. But this step is all the more important if you are towing in the rain. So, instead of just doing the initial check, make sure that along the way, you stop to check that the lights are still working. This will ensure that you remain visible at all times.

  1. Give yourself space to break

Wet roads. Heavier loads. Extra length attached to your vehicle. The combination can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to breaking, especially in emergency situations. With a trailer it is already going to take some time for you to slow down, and the wet roads will only make slowing down that little bit more difficult. If possible, try to avoid the sudden breaking and always try to travel at speeds that are a little slower than the official speed limit.

  1. Visibility

In any kind of rainy weather, you should always make sure that you have maximum visibility. You already have enough stress when towing a trailer and having to get your items to wherever they need to be that you don’t need the additional worry about not being able to see the road and any obstacles clearly.

To do this you can try using a water repellent spray, and you can make also sure that the vehicles windscreen wipers are working as they should.

  1. Stop if you need to

Whenever you feel unsure or unsafe, or should the rain be coming down in bucket loads, there is nothing to stop you from pulling off the road (safely) and either waiting out the heavy rain, or waiting until you are ready to get back on the road. When pulling off in the rain, make sure that you are visible. This means you should put on your lights and your hazards, and always pull right off the road, so that you won’t be in the way of other drivers.

  1. Rearrange your hire

If hiring a trailer is not a matter of urgency, and you don’t feel comfortable taking to the road in the miserable conditions, you can always change your hire to another day.

To find out more about trailer hire in Pretoria, you can browse through our website or contact our team.

Go on a staycation with a Newland’s Trailer

Newlands Trailer Hire has been offering a superb trailer hire service to those living in the city of Pretoria. Our trailers, are ideal for those who are looking for a cost-effective way to move things from A to B, and that includes those who are keen on going on holiday, but find that they don’t have enough space for everything they wish to take a long with them.

As inter-provincial travel opens up again, and we are able to enjoy a little leisure time at various destinations within the Gauteng province and beyond, having a trailer, and a luggage trailer in particular, is a fantastic holiday companion.

A luggage trailer is perfectly capable of carrying everything you could possibly need for your weekend getaway and with our affordable daily rates, you can afford to include the trailer in your holiday budget.

Luggage trailers have grown in popularity over the years, thanks to their convenient size as well as the fact that they are really easy to tow, even if you have very limited experience. These trailers are made for lightweight vehicle usage and are easily connected, allowing you to get on the road as quickly as you possibly need to.

The benefits of using a trailer on your staycation

Because you won’t be travelling all that far for your local holiday weekend, or even week away, a luggage trailer is going to be your perfect companion. When hiring a trailer, you will enjoy a number of helpful benefits, all of which will make your time away that little bit more relaxed and enjoyable.

  1. You’ll have extra space

Even if you are only travelling a short distance, it is not at all pleasant to have your car packed to capacity. With a trailer, even a small one like a luggage trailer, provides more than enough space to pack everything you will be needing for your time away.

  1. You can fit it into your budget

These trailers can be hired on a day to day basis and this helps to plan out your budget and find the best possible pricing for your specific needs. Keep in mind that daily rentals will generally include insurance, which will push up the price ever so slightly.

  1. You can go camping

Not all staycations need to be at some sort of luxury resort. Some of the best weekends away are those which require all of your camping gear. But instead of having to carefully pack your car or bakkie in order to fit everything, you can hire a trailer and neatly organise all of your camping gear within it.

If you are soon heading off on a staycation in the Gauteng area, keep Newland’s Trailers in mind. We keep a wide variety of fully maintained trailers for our clients to make use of. And if you are new to towing, you can always ask our team to help you out with some expert advice.

Contact Newlands Trailers today for an estimate, quotation, or for any information you might require about our best products and current specials.

Frequently Asked Questions: Moving with a Trailer

Whether you are moving your office from A to B or leaving your house to take up residence in a new home, sometimes the most cost effective and practical way to move your belongings is to hire a trailer, pack it yourself and then hit the road.

Hiring a trailer is a service growing in popularity, as people realise just how easy and reliable taking the DIY route can be. Saving money, having more control over how you are moving, and having full control over the dates and times that you will be hiring your trailer, is going to have you feeling more confident about taking on this task.

Newlands Trailers has, over the years, developed an exceptional trailer hire service that is readily available in the Pretoria area. We have sourced some of the very best trailers and we make sure that they are kept in the best condition so that when you hire, you receive a safe trailer that will serve you well.

We keep our prices affordable, so that more people can access them and with our extensive knowledge about trailers, we can provide you with the necessary information and advice. This will ensure that you not only get the most out of your hire but that you stay safe while towing.

What do you need to know when moving with the use of a trailer?

While some questions might not be asked all that often, there are quite a few commonly asked questions that we are going to tackle now. So let’s jump in.

  1. How do you pack a trailer?

Ideally, you should make an effort to load your heaviest items, such as furniture and appliances first, Make sure that they are evenly distributed on the bottom of the trailer so that they won’t cause the trailer to become unbalanced while you are driving. The lighter items can be packed on top of and in between the heavier stuff. Make sure that you properly secure the items that you have packed.

If you are using a big, closed trailer, you can pack whatever it is you are towing from the floor of the trailer to the ceiling.

  1. Should I load boxes or furniture first?

The rule is to always load the heavy stuff first, so if your boxes are heaviest then load them first while if your furniture is heavier, rather go for packing the furniture first. This will ensure that trailer is evenly balanced and won’t topple over.

  1. When towing a trailer, where should the weight be?

Heavier items should go to the front of the trailer while light things can be placed at the back. The reason for packing this way is that when going around a corner with your cargo, your trailer won’t lose its balance and end up disrupting your driving.

  1. Is towing a trailer bad for your car?

No. But issues can arise if you don’t hitch the trailer in the correct manner. A badly hitched trailer can lead to damage to your car and even accidents.

  1. Where can I learn to tow a trailer?

In South Africa, some trailers require a particular license while others can be towed without a license but will require some know how. If you need to learn how to tow a smaller trailer, you can have a chat with us and we’ll give you some pointers.

Luggage Trailers & What you Need to Know

South Africa’s lockdown is rapidly approaching its end, and Newlands Trailer Hire is open for business again. We stock a wide variety of exceptional trailers for hire in the Pretoria area and we have kept our trailers in the best condition during the downtime, so that when you need a trailer for your next big move or perhaps for a holiday, the trailer you choose is ready to be hitched.

Luggage trailers are the ideal option for those who are hitting the road on holiday and find that they need more storage space for everything they are packing up and taking with them.

Unlike the other trailers for hire out there, your luggage trailer is designed to be closed rather than open.

This allows those who use it to keep their luggage, and the other items they will need to bring along, safe from the elements while also preventing them from blowing away!

Other than their shape, luggage trailers are pretty much exactly the same as other types of trailers. They have similar hitches, depending on the type of trailer you are hiring they are also available in similar sizes, but overall you don’t really have to give too much thought to how to get the most out of your hire, especially if you have towed a trailer in the past.

Why should you hire a luggage trailer?

If you are going on holiday, especially the rustic kind, having a luggage trailer can be a big help. Transporting things like camping equipment and other rather bulky things is without a doubt made all the easier when you have the appropriate trailer. Luggage trailers are also quite perfect for those who need to transport something valuable and/or small, which could be damaged in the move.

Luggage trailers will require you to have the same skill level and licensing as any other trailer. So before you take the leap to hire such a trailer, make sure that your driving license accommodates this kind of trailer, and that you have brushed up on the various towing skills that will make the journey both safe and easy. You can read up on more of that here on our blog.

Types of Luggage Trailers

Luggage trailers are available in 3 different types all of which you can find at Newlands Trailers. The varieties we stock include the Road Buddy Trailer, the Town and Country Trailer, and the Travellers Trailer.

All of the trailers have their own sizes and capacities, with the Road Buddy being the smallest and the Traveller being the biggest.

The luggage trailer best suited for a holiday makes really depends on what it is that you will be taking along with you, so careful planning is without a doubt a necessity.

Trailers from Newlands Trailers can be hired for different stretches of time and the number of days you have the trailer will affect the price.

Newlands rents trailers on a day to day basis and the price includes the rental as well as insurance, so should something happen to the trailer while it is in your possession, you don’t have to stress about paying out more. Make sure that you have correctly budgeted so that you don’t have to rush or cut your time short.

Luggage trailers are fairly simple to figure out and if you do need some additional information, you can get in touch with us. Our team will quickly have you sorted out with the perfect hire.

Trailer Towing Checklist

Is it hard to tow a trailer? What do you need to tow a trailer? And how can you tow a trailer safely?

For those who are new to trailers, there are many questions asked and the search for answers can sometimes come up empty. The thing is, not everyone will be towing a trailer often, so information is limited or, in some cases, non-existent.

To help minimise the confusion and to ensure that you get some clarity, we’re going to share some helpful information about how to tow a trailer.

Before we jump into the information, keep in mind that every trailer and every vehicle is likely to be unique and so the information you might need will likely be a lot more specific than what we can share on a blog. With this said, if you need more specific information and assistance, rather talk to our team at Newlands Trailers.

Back to the blog, how can you tow a trailer?

If you think that towing a trailer is the same as driving a car, you couldn’t be more wrong. The two are not at all the same, and mistaking them as such can lead to more complications than you could want to have to deal with.

To help you get started, here are some of the towing basics that you should know:

  • The Right Equipment

To enjoy a safe and successful towing experience, you should make sure that you have the right kind of gear. Having the correct hitch is immensely important as it will be a part of what determines the weight of the trailer you can safely tow.

You will be able to find the weight that your vehicle can tow by having a look at the cars manual. You might want to consider using a hitch receiver for extra durability. While you are checking out the hitch of your vehicle, you should also make sure that you have done the right safety checks to ensure that everything will be working as it should.

  • Correctly Set the Hitch Height

A loaded trailer should be level to the ground once it has been attached to the vehicle. The trailer should also be trimmed with an adjustable drawbar or by finding a drawbar which has the correct offset.

  • Loading your Trailer

The trailer weight information that you will get when hiring your trailer does not factor in the weight of the trailer once it has been loaded. And depending on what it is that you are towing, you might find that the trailer weight changes considerably and as a result your initial calculations are not what you expected.

It is important that you at least estimate the final weight of the trailer once it has been loaded. Since there are different trailers for different purposes on the market, it will of course help to rent the right one.

  • Check your tyres

Make sure that your tyres are the right tyre pressure before you attempt to tow your trailer. The right pressure is the manufacturers recommended pressure.

Are you looking to hire a trailer in Pretoria? Newlands Trailers has a wide selection of reliable trailers for hire and we can assist you with an reliable trailer and expert knowledge.

How to Rent a Trailer

It’s a brand new year and perhaps you find yourself in need of a trailer, but not quite ready to pay out loads of your hard earned cash to buy one. Luckily, you have another option and that is to hire one.

Trailer hire in Pretoria is one of the most convenient ways to get access to a trailer exactly when you need it most. We’ve covered the many reasons why you should hire rather than buy your trailer and if you are still on the fence about going this route, you can check out our other blogs where we discuss why hiring is better.

Newlands Trailers has loads of experience and we know exactly how to make sure that those who hire one of our trailers gets what they are looking for. Our selection of trailers range from those capable of moving light luggage to those built for tougher tasks. The trailers are super easy to attach to your vehicle, and if you find yourself unsure or struggling, our professional team can assist you. We are more than capable of helping those first-time customers as well as those who have done it before but find that they need a little assistance.

We also try to make things easier for those frequent customers who will be renting a trailer on a regular basis. This means we make things quicker and easier for anyone who will be hiring often, so that they can get on with the job, without having to fill out mounds of paperwork.

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Renting a trailer

We have a wide variety of trailers for hire, and these include luggage trailers, furniture removal trailers, refuse removal trailers, bike and quad trailers, and car trailers. We have you covered in every way and renting from us is the more convenient option.

Once you have determined the type of trailer you need, you can fill out our detailed form and we’ll give you a call back. The more information you give us via the form, the easier it will be for us to organise the right trailer for your needs. We have 4 offices in the Gauteng area. One in Moreleta Park, one in The Wilds, one in Mooikloof and one in Newlands. If you’d rather speak to someone directly, you can give any one of these offices a call or you can drop us an email.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for our clients to hire a trailer. Get in touch with us for more information or to hire a trailer of your own.

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