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The Only Choice in Trailer Hire / Trailer Rental

For centuries trailers have been used extensively for various reasons. From furniture transportation, rubble removal, motorbike and bicycle transportation, and everything else in between. Not everybody has the buying power to enable them to buy their own trailer, or even the space to keep one. That is why a trailer hire service provider like us comes in handy.

At Newlands Trailer Hire, we understand this predicament all too well, and thus seek to provide you with a fast and reliable trailer hire service that gives you what you need, when you need it, at the right price.

When you choose to use our trailer rental services, you choose to affiliate with the best. Our track record of customer satisfaction and excellent service is what affords us the confidence to call ourselves trailer rental specialists.

We are based in Pretoria East, but are not limited to the Pretoria area. We have a large number of clients nationally and also in Namibia, Mozambique and the rest of Africa. All our clients enjoy the same stellar service that we have been providing since the first day we opened our doors for business.

Our business is one founded on the foundations of quality service, customer satisfaction and excellence in all we do. Our team is always at hand, ready to offer expert advice where it might be needed, or if you just need to confirm that you are indeed making the right decision for your moving project.

Our Mooikloof branch is now part of National Trailer Rental. You can still rent trailers from us, but you can now also pick up or drop off a trailer at the branch once you have rented it from National Trailers.

Browse our trailer options on the trailers page and book a trailer today!