If you are new to towing, and you find yourself in the position of having to hire a trailer, having some basic trailer knowledge is a must. And the one thing that you can’t do when you are hiring a trailer, is not knowing which kind of trailer hitch to use.

Choosing a trailer, especially if it is your very first time hiring, is going to be a stressful and daunting process. Everything is going to be new to you and you wouldn’t be the first person to feel a little overwhelmed and even unsure of yourself. But when you have the basics sorted out, and you have some helpful information at your disposal, you are likely to feel a whole lot better about getting your trailer hitched.

Why is a trailer hitch important?

There are quite a few reasons why a trailer hitch is important and can actually make your whole adventure a lot easier. For your general trailer, you might be able to get away with not having a fancy hitch, as a basic one will do, but if you are using a trailer for long distances or if you are moving heavier things or even livestock, you might want to ask your trailer hire company about having a more complicated setup to make your towing more comfortable.

A trailer hitch is used to literally connect the trailer to your vehicle. Ever heard the term hitching the trailer? This is what it refers to. You will get many different types of tow hitches and some are more specialised than others, making them suitable for some trailers but not all kinds.


Tips for Choosing a Tow Hitch

Like choosing your trailer, when you are choosing your tow hitch it is going to come down to your individual needs as well as the type of trailer you will be using. If you are unsure if you are choosing the right kind of tow hitch, the best option is always to talk to the trailer company you are hiring from. They might offer a more professional tow hitch as part of the service, and if that is not the case, they will certainly be able to point you in the right direction.

When choosing a tow hitch, do this:

  1. Research

Having enough information on the subject and making sure that you have done the research, is possibly the best way to guarantee that you will have the right tow hitch for your needs. Even if you are just towing once and you are hiring, it helps to know more about your tow hitch, so that you can use it properly.

  1. Accessories

If you plan on using your tow hitch for purposes beyond just towing, such as putting a bicycle on it or towing a boat, you will want to find out more about the accessories the hitch can come with.

  1. Practice

Know how to assemble and use your tow hitch properly before you have to use it for something important. You don’t want to get stuck with it and possibly have no one to call on.

For more information about trailers for hire and tow hitches, you can contact us today and we’ll talk you through all your trailer basics before you hit the road!