Once you have your license to tow, you might think that you can easily just jump into towing a trailer. If you are a natural, then this wouldn’t be a problem, but if you are a little nervous to get started or if you want to make sure that you are doing things right, having a quick beginners guide to towing a trailer might just come in handy.

Everyone who has a need to tow a trailer wants to make sure that their journey is going to be as smooth as possible. With South African roads already being quite scary to navigate, you will want to make your trip as peaceful and as safe as you can and doing so begins and ends with not just having some confidence in your ability but also having a couple of helpful tips, like the ones we’ll be going over.

Perfect for the beginner who doesn’t have all that much experience, or who is really just getting started, these tips are as simple as they come and so anyone can use them.

  1. Stopping the trailer from swaying

Trailer sway can be quite scary when it happens for the first time and you start to feel that pull on your steering wheel. The good news is that while it might give you a bit of a fright at first, it can be stopped. Generally, the trailer will sway when the load is a little too much. Wind can also cause the swaying effect. When you feel the swaying happening, you should avoid instinctively pressing on the brakes and instead slightly accelerate before slowing again.

  1. Practice reversing

If you are not doing it often enough, reversing with a trailer attached is going to feel like something of an art. The only way you can get used to reversing with a trailer is to practice. And if you are really nervous, plan the routes you will be taking in your mind and think carefully about where you might have to reverse and where you can do it safely.

  1. Check the safety chain

Every trailer has two ways that it is attached to the vehicle. There is the usual connection, and then there is the backup connection, which is the safety chain. Before you head out on an adventure, you should make sure that the safety chain is working properly.

  1. Do the safety check

It helps to go back to basics sometimes. As a beginner, it will help to make doing a safety check a habit. Check the lights, the breaks, and the attachment to make sure all is working as it should.

  1. Beware of overtaking

If you need to pass a vehicle, you should do so slowly and carefully, keeping in mind that your vehicle is double the length and that you could also be a lot slower, depending on how much you are towing.

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