Camping is one of those South African past times that many people around our country enjoy every year. Now that the summer is coming to an end, the camping season is almost upon us again, and you might be thinking about mixing things up with how you prepare and pack for your outdoor adventure!

If you were to Google “camping trailers” you would likely be presented with a list of camper vehicles, and that is not what we are talking about here. In this blog, we are discussing the run of the mill trailer, either open but generally closed, and how it can transform the way that you experience your holidays.

Most happy campers are used to heading out with all of their camping gear packed away neatly in their vehicles. But for many reasons this is not the ideal way to go camping, even if you are driving a big 4 x 4 bakkie.

So, once you know how the trailer will change up your camping experience, you will be in a better position to decide whether or not a trailer is for you.

  1. With a trailer, you have more space

There are campers and then there are serious campers, the kind who bring along everything plus the kitchen sink. Regardless of your approach to camping, if you want to free up space in your vehicle, one way to do it is to hire a trailer (or buy one if you are an avid adventurer). When you have a trailer, everything you need for your trip can be neatly packed away, leaving enough space in the car for you and your family to stretch out during your trip.

  1. With a trailer, you can have more privacy

When you are on a camping trip, you are likely to be sharing the space, or rather the camping site, with many other holiday makers. Usually, parking your vehicle and pitching your tent at an angle can give you a somewhat more secluded feel. By adding a trailer into the mix, you can experience a lot more privacy by having another boundary.

  1. With a trailer, you can pack more

The trailer is going to give you more space in your vehicle, because you won’t have to put everything in your car. But depending on the size of trailer you opt for, you could also give yourself extra space to pack more camping things. If you are one of those more serious campers, and you have things like a camping fridge or a big gas powered braai, then a trailer might be the ideal option as it is not only easy to use but it is also easy to pack.

At Newland’s Trailers, we have a wide selection of trailers for hire, including both open and closed trailers, and our selection is a great option for those looking for a trailer for a short term camping holiday. Contact us today for more information.