Trailer Towing Checklist

//Trailer Towing Checklist

Trailer Towing Checklist

Is it hard to tow a trailer? What do you need to tow a trailer? And how can you tow a trailer safely?

For those who are new to trailers, there are many questions asked and the search for answers can sometimes come up empty. The thing is, not everyone will be towing a trailer often, so information is limited or, in some cases, non-existent.

To help minimise the confusion and to ensure that you get some clarity, we’re going to share some helpful information about how to tow a trailer.

Before we jump into the information, keep in mind that every trailer and every vehicle is likely to be unique and so the information you might need will likely be a lot more specific than what we can share on a blog. With this said, if you need more specific information and assistance, rather talk to our team at Newlands Trailers.

Back to the blog, how can you tow a trailer?

If you think that towing a trailer is the same as driving a car, you couldn’t be more wrong. The two are not at all the same, and mistaking them as such can lead to more complications than you could want to have to deal with.

To help you get started, here are some of the towing basics that you should know:

  • The Right Equipment

To enjoy a safe and successful towing experience, you should make sure that you have the right kind of gear. Having the correct hitch is immensely important as it will be a part of what determines the weight of the trailer you can safely tow.

You will be able to find the weight that your vehicle can tow by having a look at the cars manual. You might want to consider using a hitch receiver for extra durability. While you are checking out the hitch of your vehicle, you should also make sure that you have done the right safety checks to ensure that everything will be working as it should.

  • Correctly Set the Hitch Height

A loaded trailer should be level to the ground once it has been attached to the vehicle. The trailer should also be trimmed with an adjustable drawbar or by finding a drawbar which has the correct offset.

  • Loading your Trailer

The trailer weight information that you will get when hiring your trailer does not factor in the weight of the trailer once it has been loaded. And depending on what it is that you are towing, you might find that the trailer weight changes considerably and as a result your initial calculations are not what you expected.

It is important that you at least estimate the final weight of the trailer once it has been loaded. Since there are different trailers for different purposes on the market, it will of course help to rent the right one.

  • Check your tyres

Make sure that your tyres are the right tyre pressure before you attempt to tow your trailer. The right pressure is the manufacturers recommended pressure.

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