Getting ready to move home using a hired trailer? Read our latest blog for a few tips that might just come in handy.

DIY moving is something a lot more people will be considering, as finances become tighter and people start looking for ways to minimise costs. Hiring a trailer is a great place to start and at Newlands Trailers, we have a wide selection of easy to use trailers that you can hire to move your home or office furniture from one place to another.

While taking on the move by yourself is a worthwhile undertaking when you are looking to save money, actually doing it without damaging your belongings or pulling yourself out of shape is a completely different thing all together.

In our latest blog, we’re diving into some of the best tips that you can use when you decide to move furniture on your own.

  1. High to low when carrying taller furniture

Things like cupboards and filing cabinets are rather awkward items to carry. When loading them onto your trailer or when taking them off and into your new space, whatever it is that you are carrying should be carried at an angle. One person should take the top of the item while the other person should carry from the bottom. This way the load is evened out and won’t swing when being moved around.

  1. Wrap items with blankets

To avoid bumps and scratches that could cause damage to your furniture, either while in transit or when moved into the home or office space, you should wrap your furniture up in a blanket. It can be any type of blanket, but a thicker one is always best as it will provide more protection. Once the blanket has been placed around the furniture, it should be secured with tape to keep it in place.

  1. Secure the furniture in place

Don’t ever load a trailer without securing it with a tough piece of rope that won’t snap when under pressure. Rope will not only prevent the furniture from moving around when in transit, but it is also a great tool to have if you have to move your furniture up a flight of stairs. The rope could be used as a pulley of sorts.

Having rope to secure your items is important regardless of the type of trailer you are hiring, but is naturally more of a necessity when you are moving furniture on an open trailer.

  1. Invest in or hire a ramp

Instead of putting your back out of shape when trying to move a heavier piece of furniture from the trailer, hire a ramp and create your own makeshift one. Ramps are great because they are really useful and are often just the right height to make moving the furniture from the trailer to the ramp quite easy.

  1. Don’t lift, slide

One of the biggest furniture moving mistakes that people make is trying to lift heavy things instead of sliding them. Lifting furniture is not only incredibly tiring but it can also end up doing you quite a lot of harm as you can easily strain your back or otherwise hurt yourself. So once you get your furniture off of the trailer, try to slide it as much as you can.