Renting a trailer is a wonderful way to save money, especially since you are not likely to need a trailer on an everyday basis. When you hire a trailer, you will enjoy all of the benefits and none of the worries. Hiring means you can have a trailer whenever you need it and never have to think about doing the maintenance or putting down the money for the pricey investment that buying a trailer can entail.

At Newlands Trailer Hire in Pretoria, we have a selection of trailers available for our clients to hire and with our affordable trailer hire prices, you can afford to move things from A to B without having to hire the full services of an expensive moving company. Along with providing our trailers for hire, we can also give you loads of advice so that you make the most out of your hire.

Moving city to city, or going on a long distance holiday, can raise a lot of concerns as well as questions. There are pros and cons to each kind of trailer and these relate not so much to the actual towing, but rather to the trailer itself vs. what you are hiring the trailer for.


Luggage Trailers

Designed to be small and compact, the luggage trailer is one of the most common types of trailer hire.


  • They are closed trailers which makes them ideal for moving valuables as well as items that can be easily damaged.
  • They come in different sizes.


  • Not all sizes are appropriate for all kinds of vehicles.

Furniture Removal Trailers

These trailers are made for moving heavy loads of furniture. They are available in ½ ton, ¾ ton, 1 ton, and 2 ton sizes.


  • Using a larger trailer means you don’t need to do many trips.
  • Trailers can be easily hitched and towed comfortably over long distances.


  • To safely use the larger trailers, you might need a little experience.

Refuse Trailers

The refuse trailer is made to easily remove refuse of all kinds without damaging your vehicle or making a mess, and they are ideal for garden refuse in particular.


  • Easy to hitch and easy to use.
  • The bigger trailers can hold lots of refuse meaning fewer return trips.

Car and Bike Hire

Should you need to move a car or a bike, these trailers are designed to do just that. Car and bike trailers are made to safely transport these larger, heavier items that can be fragile when transported in any other way.


  • Safety is a guarantee if you have hitched the trailer correctly.
  • Considering what it is you are transporting, your trailer hire will most definitely be an affordable way to move your car or bike.


  • Having some experience might be necessary to ensure that what it is you are towing remains intact.