Towing a trailer in the rain

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Towing a trailer in the rain

If you are new to trailer hire or if you have done it a few times before, towing a trailer in the rain is a little different than towing a trailer in clearer conditions.  The basics are the same, but you need to know that while towing a trailer under normal conditions can be a little difficult if you are not used to doing it, towing in the rain is a completely different experience.

Before you fill your mind with all of the worst case scenarios, know that there are many ways that you can stay safe while towing in the rain.

  1. Check your lights

When connecting your trailer to your vehicle, one of the steps to ensuring safety is to make sure that the lights work. But this step is all the more important if you are towing in the rain. So, instead of just doing the initial check, make sure that along the way, you stop to check that the lights are still working. This will ensure that you remain visible at all times.

  1. Give yourself space to break

Wet roads. Heavier loads. Extra length attached to your vehicle. The combination can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to breaking, especially in emergency situations. With a trailer it is already going to take some time for you to slow down, and the wet roads will only make slowing down that little bit more difficult. If possible, try to avoid the sudden breaking and always try to travel at speeds that are a little slower than the official speed limit.

  1. Visibility

In any kind of rainy weather, you should always make sure that you have maximum visibility. You already have enough stress when towing a trailer and having to get your items to wherever they need to be that you don’t need the additional worry about not being able to see the road and any obstacles clearly.

To do this you can try using a water repellent spray, and you can make also sure that the vehicles windscreen wipers are working as they should.

  1. Stop if you need to

Whenever you feel unsure or unsafe, or should the rain be coming down in bucket loads, there is nothing to stop you from pulling off the road (safely) and either waiting out the heavy rain, or waiting until you are ready to get back on the road. When pulling off in the rain, make sure that you are visible. This means you should put on your lights and your hazards, and always pull right off the road, so that you won’t be in the way of other drivers.

  1. Rearrange your hire

If hiring a trailer is not a matter of urgency, and you don’t feel comfortable taking to the road in the miserable conditions, you can always change your hire to another day.

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