Trailers are exceptionally useful things to hire. Whether you realise it or not, your trailer has a wide variety of exceptional uses, just waiting to be discovered. From hauling all sorts of things to making sure that you have a tool to move house, when you decide to hire a trailer, you can be sure that you are making a great decision.

At Newlands Trailers, we offer affordable trailer hire in Pretoria for our growing client base. We go out of our way to make sure that our clients have access to a range of high-quality trailers, the kind that are more than capable of meeting needs. We aim to keep our trailers in the best condition, so that you can be certain that each time you hire a trailer, you are receiving a tool that is safe to use. Along with our trailer hire services, we can also help you out with great advice, to ensure that you get the most out of your hire.

Trailers for hire are a great way to save money. And if you are thinking about the best ways to use them, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

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  1. Use a trailer to move house

The most obvious use for a trailer is to move your belongings from one place to another. Considered to be the cost effective way to move things from one place to the next, using a trailer is the easiest and cheapest way to relocate. The downside to this method of moving house is that you generally can’t move over a long distance. This is because most trailers are open and designed to be used over shorter distances. But if you are just moving neighbourhoods, it is a great option.

  1. Use a trailer to move gardening equipment

If you are serious gardener, or someone who just doesn’t have the space for garden tools, hiring things like lawn mowers and gardening tool is quite probably something you do often. Instead of relying on a friend’s bakkie or paying out extra to have the equipment delivered, you could always use a trailer.

  1. Use a trailer to move small vehicles

Quad bikes and dirt bikes are great to have for an exciting weekend of off-roading. But they are not at all practical for the busy road and as such you will need a cheap and safe way of moving such things from A to B. This is where a trailer comes in and using one to get around is really convenient.

  1. Use a trailer to move supplies

Whether it is to move construction supplies for that exciting DIY project that you are planning or if you are just moving the usual stuff around, having a trailer at your disposal is always going to be a welcome tool to use.

  1. Use a trailer to remove trash

When you have done a big garden clean up or if you have been working around the home and have lots of debris to get rid of, a trailer is the best thing that you can use to remove the trash. You need just an open trailer to quickly remove the rubbish, which will be a real help if you are looking to save time and money, while having full control over the clean up.