The rainy season has well and truly arrived in Gauteng and if you are one of those getting ready to tow something, a trailer, in particular, it is important that you revisit the basics when it comes to towing trailers in the worst possible conditions.

You think when you have towed a trailer before that you have some sort of idea of how to do it in any conditions. But when the roads are wet and the rain is pouring down, while experience will help you, it won’t be enough to ensure your safety while on the road. There are quite a few things to keep in mind when you are travelling in the rain, and while we have touched on this topic before, it is worth revisiting, as the rains return once again.

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With these tips, you will get to wherever you are going, without problems.

  1. Check your lights

Every driver knows that rainy weather can lead to low visibility and this can be a real hazard not just for yourself, but for other drivers as well. Making sure that your lights work, and actually turning them on when you are out on the road have very little to do with better visibility for you, and more to do with making you more visible to others. Driving with your lights on is a good idea for dark and cloudy conditions, as well as for rainy conditions, as visibility is hindered.

  1. Stop when you need to

There is no point in pushing forward through the rain if you are worried about not being able to see. Horribly rainy conditions can sometimes lead to stress and tension, as you can get very uptight when you don’t have clear visibility. Should you feel that you need to slow down or stop for a while, don’t think twice about it. Sometimes taking a break from the rainy trip can be the best thing you do.

  1. Make sure your window wipers are still good

You should never take to the road if you are unsure of your wipers working. During the summer months, when you could unexpectedly end up in the worst rainstorm that seemingly came out of nowhere, you will want to make sure that your wipers are in a good condition.

  1. Just take it easy

Rain and speed are two things that really don’t mix well. If you are driving too fast in wet conditions, you run the risk of losing control of your vehicle and you also won’t have an easy time stopping in a hurry.  When towing or when driving in the rain in general, you should make sure that you don’t go over the speed limit. It is best to just take it slow, you will safely get to where you need to be.

  1. Look at the tyres

Both your car tyres and those on your trailer need to be in the best condition, to ensure that they don’t slip in the wet conditions and end up causing your vehicle and your trailer to veer off the road. Never drive with tyres that are slick or in any other way damaged.

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