Newlands Trailer Hire has been offering a superb trailer hire service to those living in the city of Pretoria. Our trailers, are ideal for those who are looking for a cost-effective way to move things from A to B, and that includes those who are keen on going on holiday, but find that they don’t have enough space for everything they wish to take a long with them.

As inter-provincial travel opens up again, and we are able to enjoy a little leisure time at various destinations within the Gauteng province and beyond, having a trailer, and a luggage trailer in particular, is a fantastic holiday companion.

A luggage trailer is perfectly capable of carrying everything you could possibly need for your weekend getaway and with our affordable daily rates, you can afford to include the trailer in your holiday budget.

Luggage trailers have grown in popularity over the years, thanks to their convenient size as well as the fact that they are really easy to tow, even if you have very limited experience. These trailers are made for lightweight vehicle usage and are easily connected, allowing you to get on the road as quickly as you possibly need to.

The benefits of using a trailer on your staycation

Because you won’t be travelling all that far for your local holiday weekend, or even week away, a luggage trailer is going to be your perfect companion. When hiring a trailer, you will enjoy a number of helpful benefits, all of which will make your time away that little bit more relaxed and enjoyable.

  1. You’ll have extra space

Even if you are only travelling a short distance, it is not at all pleasant to have your car packed to capacity. With a trailer, even a small one like a luggage trailer, provides more than enough space to pack everything you will be needing for your time away.

  1. You can fit it into your budget

These trailers can be hired on a day to day basis and this helps to plan out your budget and find the best possible pricing for your specific needs. Keep in mind that daily rentals will generally include insurance, which will push up the price ever so slightly.

  1. You can go camping

Not all staycations need to be at some sort of luxury resort. Some of the best weekends away are those which require all of your camping gear. But instead of having to carefully pack your car or bakkie in order to fit everything, you can hire a trailer and neatly organise all of your camping gear within it.

If you are soon heading off on a staycation in the Gauteng area, keep Newland’s Trailers in mind. We keep a wide variety of fully maintained trailers for our clients to make use of. And if you are new to towing, you can always ask our team to help you out with some expert advice.

Contact Newlands Trailers today for an estimate, quotation, or for any information you might require about our best products and current specials.