South Africa’s lockdown is rapidly approaching its end, and Newlands Trailer Hire is open for business again. We stock a wide variety of exceptional trailers for hire in the Pretoria area and we have kept our trailers in the best condition during the downtime, so that when you need a trailer for your next big move or perhaps for a holiday, the trailer you choose is ready to be hitched.

Luggage trailers are the ideal option for those who are hitting the road on holiday and find that they need more storage space for everything they are packing up and taking with them.

Unlike the other trailers for hire out there, your luggage trailer is designed to be closed rather than open.

This allows those who use it to keep their luggage, and the other items they will need to bring along, safe from the elements while also preventing them from blowing away!

Other than their shape, luggage trailers are pretty much exactly the same as other types of trailers. They have similar hitches, depending on the type of trailer you are hiring they are also available in similar sizes, but overall you don’t really have to give too much thought to how to get the most out of your hire, especially if you have towed a trailer in the past.

Why should you hire a luggage trailer?

If you are going on holiday, especially the rustic kind, having a luggage trailer can be a big help. Transporting things like camping equipment and other rather bulky things is without a doubt made all the easier when you have the appropriate trailer. Luggage trailers are also quite perfect for those who need to transport something valuable and/or small, which could be damaged in the move.

Luggage trailers will require you to have the same skill level and licensing as any other trailer. So before you take the leap to hire such a trailer, make sure that your driving license accommodates this kind of trailer, and that you have brushed up on the various towing skills that will make the journey both safe and easy. You can read up on more of that here on our blog.

Types of Luggage Trailers

Luggage trailers are available in 3 different types all of which you can find at Newlands Trailers. The varieties we stock include the Road Buddy Trailer, the Town and Country Trailer, and the Travellers Trailer.

All of the trailers have their own sizes and capacities, with the Road Buddy being the smallest and the Traveller being the biggest.

The luggage trailer best suited for a holiday makes really depends on what it is that you will be taking along with you, so careful planning is without a doubt a necessity.

Trailers from Newlands Trailers can be hired for different stretches of time and the number of days you have the trailer will affect the price.

Newlands rents trailers on a day to day basis and the price includes the rental as well as insurance, so should something happen to the trailer while it is in your possession, you don’t have to stress about paying out more. Make sure that you have correctly budgeted so that you don’t have to rush or cut your time short.

Luggage trailers are fairly simple to figure out and if you do need some additional information, you can get in touch with us. Our team will quickly have you sorted out with the perfect hire.